Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Course
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What will greatly reduce the time it takes to inspect your watercraft for AIS?

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How many New Zealand mudsnails does it take to reproduce?

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A watercraft pulls up to the Aquatic Invasive Species Check Station at Lake Whatcom. In which of the following scenarios would this watercraft require decontamination using high-pressure, hot water?

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The goal of decontamination is to kill and remove all evidence of aquatic invasive species using high-pressure, hot water.

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If you have a non-motorized, hand-carried boat (kayak, canoe) do you need a permit to launch on Lake Whatcom or Lake Samish?

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How can Asian clams be transported between waterbodies?

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Inspectors rely on both your answers to survey questions as well as a visual and physical inspection of the watercraft to make their risk determination.

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People who live on Lake Whatcom or Lake Samish and keep their boat on the lake and never take it anywhere else do not need to buy an AIS Permit or get their watercraft inspected.

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In the state of Washington you can be fined for towing a boat/trailer on the road with plant fragments attached.

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It only takes one plant fragment to start a new population of Eurasian watermilfoil.