pet-ownersMany dog owners take their dog down to the water for a swim, to play fetch, or to just have fun playing in the water. Dogs can pick up weeds, snails, and other things that could be potentially harmful when transported to another body of water.

  • Check your dog’s body including feet, coat, and collar for any visible mud, plants, or animals and remove them.
  • Wash your dog with clean water.
  • Brush your dog’s coat.

Now you’re ready to go out and enjoy the outdoors again without being at risk for transporting unwanted aquatic invasive species!

Did you know?

The current number of invasive species in the San Francisco Bay is 212, with a new species appearing every 14 weeks since 1962.

Where do AIS come from?

About 22 percent of all the non-native aquatic species found in the United States come from South America, followed by Asia (20 percent), Eurasia (16 percent), Europe (13 percent), Africa (12 percent), Central America (6 percent) and Australia (2 percent).

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